Link Analyzer

August 26, 2010 By Navpreet

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Check Internal & Outbound Links

Link Analyzer
link analyzer from seo41 will help you easily see all links on your webpage’s and there anchor text, it scans internal and outbound links on your webpage in order to check whether these links are readable by the search engine or not, then link analyzer will print the output as a link and the text that will be used to display those links, you can select whether you want to check internal links or outbound links or both. Place a complaint if tool is not working, At Here

Internal Links: are the hyperlinks pointing different pages on your own website.

Outbound Links: are those hyperlinks pointing to some external website or webpage.

Anchor Text : is the text that has been used to display a particular link.


By Ajay, Sunita, Navpreet, Manoj