Complaint Regarding Problem with Tools at Seo41

It’s the most common complaint of every website owner that why their website is not ranking on the first page of the Google & this complaint is justifiable too, because everyone wants to be on #1 page of the Google that can only be achieved by doing SEO. Therefore SEO cannot be avoided now a days and doing it for every website to rank higher than the competitors is very essential for the success of your business.

There are several tools related to SEO that can help you understand the problems in your website so that you can get it fixed & rank higher than your competitor. On seo41 you would find tons of tools that can check your website from several aspects, so you do not have to keep complaining to your webmaster, instead of making a complaint, you can just tell them about the issues to be fixed, by yourself.

If any of the tools on this website is not working, you can use following form to post complaint to seo41. To make a complaint, just fill the following form, please do mention your email address so that we can contact you back, also give reference about the tool that is giving you the problem & please do declare the type of problem that you are facing while using this tool of seo41. Our team will look into the matter & will fix the tool as soon as possible & will also notify you back, in case the problem does not get resolved within 2 weeks, then you can directly contact to Mr Navpreet for all kinds of complaints regarding seo41 tools, all you have to do is to mention Navpreet in the title of your complaint & the mail will automatically be posted to the developer/co-founder of this website.


By Ajay, Sunita, Navpreet, Manoj