Keyword Density Tool

August 27, 2010 By Ajay

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Check Density Of Keywords On Webpage

Keyword Density Tool
The percentage of the occurrence of keyphrase or keyword in text content of webpage is the density of the keyword.

As we all know about the game behind search engines and keywords, and as we also know that one of the major factor of ranking a website for specific keyword is by how relevant the webpage content is to that keyword. But if under optimization can make your website rank on 100, doing keyword spamming and over optimizing the webpage can even de-listed your website from search engines. So its better to keep balance of keyword density on a webpage using this tool from seo41. Place a complaint if tool is not working, At Here

Just enter the domain or page to crawl then hit enter, this keyword density checker will automatically filter the most common stop words and will display density single, double and 3 words keyphrases.


By Ajay, Sunita, Navpreet, Manoj