Htpasswd Generator

August 17, 2010 By Ajay

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Htpasswd Tool

Htpasswd Generator
Generating htpasswd using this tool of seo41 for password protection of any directory on your CERN and Apache web servers, there could be many cases in which you don’t want general public or crawler to access certain directories, here we provided you a tool to generate htpasswd that will be prompted incase someone try to access that directory.

Its the best and easy way to protect your folders and now creating htpasswd is more easier with out htpasswd creator that generates the encrypts passwords using md5, just enter the required username and password then click "create files", save those files to your PC then upload them to your web server, authentication will be required each time to gain access to the folder. Place a complaint if tool is not working, At Here


By Ajay, Sunita, Navpreet, Manoj