CClass Ip Range Checker

August 27, 2010 By Manoj

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What is Class C Ip Range

CClass Ip Range
Cclass checker tool of seo41 (one of important link builders tool) for checking "Class C IP Range". If you have several sites Cross-linking to each other or doing reciprocal link exchange, incase major search engines found that most of your reciprocal links are hosted on same Class C IP Range than search engine may punish you while ranking and giving importance to your website.

Reason Behind This:

IP address is consist of 4 class A.B.C.D in case most of your backlinks are from same C class IP address search engines will think that you are cross linking your own websites and will not count it or may punish your site. major search engines always give importance to websites getting inbound links from relative and good websites but in this case it may appear to search engine that you are tricking them. Place a complaint if tool is not working, At Here


By Ajay, Sunita, Navpreet, Manoj